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Lumber River State Park

This One Of The State Parks In North Carolina Features A National Wild And Scenic River

Lumber River State Park was formed in 1989 and at the same time was designated as a Natural and Scenic River. It is the only blackwater river in North Carolina that is a National Wild and Scenic River.

This N.C. state park`s size is 9,234 acres and it covers part of four counties, they are Columbus, Hoke, Robeson and Scotland. The park stretches along 115 miles of the course of the Lumber River as it flows through the south central part of North Carolina.

The recreational activities of the Lumber River S.P. are centered on two access areas of the river.

They are the Chalk Bends access, near the town of Wagram on the upper reaces of the river and the Princess Ann access which is close to the border with South Carolina.

Banks Of The Lumber River

The Lumber River is one of the very few rivers in North Carolina that has an unobstructed flow along its course. The fact that the river has no dams led to it being established as a National Canoe Trail in 1981. If you are interested in canoeing the length of this trail here are the segments with their relevant paddling time. (Just click on the "boating" section when you reach that page to access the information)

The river received its name many years ago from the first European colonists who settled along its banks. The name came from the amount of logging that was taking place, many of the towns on the Lumber River owe their existance to the timber industry.

The Lumber River at Princess Ann

The headquarters of the Lumber River State Park is situated at the Princess Ann access. There used to be a town here. It was chartered in 1796 and was only the second town to be created in Robeson County.

As the timber industry died along the river so did the town of Princess Ann. Now all that exists of this once thriving place is the name of the road that leads to the state park.

The river in this one of the state parks in North Carolina can be divided into three sections. The narrow upper reaches of the Lumber River is described as the scenic section as the land around it is totally undeveloped.

The middle section running from Black Swamp to the Jacob Branch is the recreational part as access to it along a number of roads is easy.

The third part down to the South Carolina border is the natural section as the area around is very remote from civiisation.

Lumber River S.P. has 22 primitive camping sites. There are eight at Princess Ann and fourteen at Chalk Banks. One site at each area is designated as being handicapped accessable. The sites have a table, grill, fire pit, lantern holder and a garbage can and up to six campers are allowed on each site. There are group campsites which can be reserved by bona fide organisiations and these can accommodate up to twenty people per site.

Here is a map of the Lumber River State Park showing the two access points and the various facilities.

This is the address and contact details for the park -

Lumber River S.P.
2819 Princess Ann Road
NC 28369

GPS coordinates
34.390 023
79.002 225

Phone (910) 628-4564 and
(910) 628-5643

email - lumber.river@ncdenr.gov

This is a county map of North Carolina and the position of the Lumber River is roughly between the two stars.

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