Stephanie pledges to
Protect Public Schools

Ensuring all students feel
afe and welcome at school

I will utilize my background and experience in education to ensure ALL students feel welcome and safe at school. As a lifelong learner, I know the importance of seeking out experts when needed.

Whether it’s following science around issues related to COVID-19 to protect the most vulnerable among us or listening to mental health experts to protect the marginalized in our community, students must feel safe, heard, and welcome so they can reach their fullest potential, academically or otherwise.

Empowering educators to perform the
job they were trained & hired to do

As someone who has spent time as a public school teacher, I understand the specialized training and education that educators go through to prepare for their careers. Educators choose this field because of their love of learning and their desire to see children flourish.


I will be a champion for these professionals and support them as they continue to positively impact the lives of the children in our community. Whether it is curating a diverse collection of literature to reflect a variety of experiences and perspectives or employing a variety of strategies to connect with the diverse set of learners in their classroom, I will support and celebrate the educators that make CISD the special place it is. 

Making students & their education 
the priority of the school board

I am not backed by nor funded by a PAC (a political action committee) and therefore I am not beholden to them or their agenda.


Political ideology has no place in a local, non-partisan, non-political school board election. In recent months the focus has shifted away from our students to issues that are being driven by money and motivations from outside our community.


Our Dragons deserve to have a school board that has their best interests, and only their best interests, at heart.