For a Green Party that wins: Liberation

Exploitation and oppression is at the root of the climate catastrophe and is the fuel that allows it to continue. 

Racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, classism, ageism, and other human rights issues divide us, not when we take a stand, but when we don’t. To stand together we must hear and address each others’ needs. We will listen to, and stand in solidarity with, all groups harmed by the current system and centre those most impacted in leading work on solutions.  We will work to undo the structural inequalities that prevent us from being as diverse a party as we can be.

As a party, the way we respond to the recent upsurge in transphobia internally and externally will be a litmus test to how seriously we take anti-oppression and how committed we are to inclusion. Presenting marginalised people as a threat in order to justify their exclusion is a tactic of the far right. This tactic has been used against gay men in the 80s, against muslims since 9/11 and to oppress Black communities throughout colonial history.  

The Green Party is the party of compassion and inclusion. But we need to do so much more to stand up for trans liberation and racial justice, and bring marginalised and diverse communities to the heart of our party. 

We will urgently look to address the issues which have allowed transphobic rhetoric to surface in the party.  We will work to heal the harm done to trans members and to push forward with the excellent trans inclusive policies we have as a compassionate and inclusive party.

This is our promise to all marginalised groups. We will not stand by, we will speak up and we will stand with you. Vote Amelia and Tamsin for Green Party Co-Leaders.