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Petition for More Family Doctors in British Columbia

If you prefer you can sign this petition online at Change.org at Petition to Provide Better Access to Primary Care in BC!

Text of Petition

To the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia

From British Columbians who need to access a family doctor and who must wait long hours at a Walk-in Clinic or in an Emergency Department.

More than 300,000 people in BC do not have a doctor & those who do, often wait too long to access that doctor.

As Canadians, the Canada Health Act entitles us to reasonable access to primary healthcare.

As BC taxpayers, our taxes (MSP premiums) also entitle us to reasonable access to primary healthcare.

Therefore, I, the undersigned, respectfully petition the Government of British Columbia to provide better access to primary healthcare in BC by, among other initiatives,

  • Training, recruiting and fairly compensating enough family doctors to provide sufficient and timely access to primary healthcare not only on weekdays but also after hours and on weekends;
  • Reduce and/or eliminate government red tape (such as daily volume limits) that prevents family doctors from seeing patients in a timely manner while at the same time upholding quality of care and patient safety;
  • Engaging with family doctors, allied health professionals, walk-in clinics and patients so as to provide access to primary healthcare closer to home, in people’s neighborhoods and local community.

In signing this petition, I consent for my name and address being disclosed to the relevant parties attached to this petition when it is presented to the Government of British Columbia.

Dated this __________ day of ____________________ , 20___ .


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For more information please visit http://www.bcwalkinclinics.org/petition.html


Please return your petition to Walk-in Clinics of BC Association care of your local walk-in clinic or mail your petition to 324, 101-1865 Dilworth Dr., Kelowna, BC Canada V1Y 9T1.