”In one short year Pi Phi has exceeded all of my expectations from not just my pledge class but from the house as a whole. My new member class had just as much fun dressing in crazy costumes for mixers as we did pigging out on Chef Joes food during finals feasts. I had countless older girls take me under their wing advising me on the best classes and helping me navigate my freshmen year. In fact, an older member of Pi Phi persuaded me to run for USC student government and the entire house supported me changing their Facebook pictures to vote for Amanda and cheering me on. Pi Phi made my freshmen year and I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing group of sisters.”

Amanda Martial,


Forming Lifelong Bonds of Friendship

Perhaps the best part of being in Pi Phi is the strong bond of sisterhood.

Girls from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and interests come together in a house we all feel lucky to call home. Our relationships grow stronger each semester, making the return to school something that we always look forward to.

Having these friends to call sisters and this house to call home is a phenomenal experience. We all feel extremely lucky to be members of Pi Beta Phi here at USC.

Throughout the year, we plan many sisterhood events. Whether it be a Valentine’s Day movie marathon, a Holiday cookie decorating party, or a trip to a local elementary school, we love to get together and have fun. This year, some of us even went to a taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show!

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Hanging out with your sisters goes beyond just the school year. Girls will travel on Spring Break together, follow the USC Football team up to San Francisco for the Weekender, travel abroad with each other or plan summer trips, even to visit each others' homes!

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One of our favorite Sisterhood events is Pink Angel Week! This is when the newest members get clues and surprises throughout the week until their Big Sis is revealed!

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We love planning extravagant events and trips, but sometimes the best nights are just hanging out around USC, whether its venturing downtown, dinner at the 2-9 or just hanging out on the row!

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