Author: Alessandra Bianchi

Alessandra Bianchi

Alessandra Bianchi is a revered expert in interior design, with a particular focus on window treatments and coverings. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Interior and Spatial Design from Politecnico di Milano, she has enriched her expertise with over a decade of experience. Her expertise is not limited to aesthetics; she emphasizes functional and sustainable design choices. Her excellence is evident in her articles, offering readers practical yet elegant solutions. She loves hiking and is an enthusiastic wine connoisseur in her leisure time.

Dining rooms are not a place to have a meal; they are a place to create memories with family and host gatherings where delicious food is served. Therefore, the dining room should be made attractive so that you enjoy having meals in it. There are numerous ways to elevate the look of the dining room. One such option is to experiment with the curtains in the dining room. Curtains are not only provided to maintain privacy but also to add a style statement to the room. Even if you are planning to change the look of your dining room and…

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