Author: Alessia Moretti

Alessia Moretti

Holding a Master's in Architecture from the University of Florence, Alessia Moretti has been a cornerstone of our design team since 2021. Her expertise is blending comfort with style, particularly in home office and guest room design. She began her career in residential design before branching out into specialized home office and guest room layouts. Besides her professional pursuits, she is an avid traveler, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures to infuse into her designs.

During the pandemic, the rise of remote work has increased, and employees have stopped going to workplaces. They just sit at their desk, in their bedroom, and work in the comfort of their home. There are many benefits of it like it saves both time and costs of traveling and gives you the freedom to work anywhere you want. But don’t you think that a workplace provides an environment to work which our home cannot? Can you really work in your room where you relax and chill? When you go to your office, your brain observes your surroundings full of…

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