Arkansas State Parks

The Arkansas State Parks Include The Only Park In America Where Visitors Can Dig For Diamonds!

There are currently forty eight state parks in Arkansas plus four other areas which all come under the control of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism.

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The parks are extremely diverse and at least one is totally without parallel in the whole of the United States.

This is the Crater Of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro in Pike County.

Here, for a small entrance fee, visitors can arrive and dig for diamonds and other precious stones.

Every year more than 600 gems are unearthed and over 29,000 have been discovered since it became one of the Arkansas state parks.

The Arkansas River Flowing Through Little Rock, The Capital Of Arkansas

Arkansas is a state in the southern part of America and is a land of deep forests, with beautiful rivers and lakes.

The eastern border of the state is formed by the Mississippi River while to the west, along its border with Oklahoma, there are two low lying mountain ranges.

These are the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains and are the only major mountains between the Appalachians in the east and the Rockies in the west.

Mount Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas at 2,753 feet, is found in the Ouachita range.

The first European recorded as reaching what is now Arkansas, was the noted Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. He died in 1542 near Lake Village on the Mississippi during his expedition to the area.

Although there was a great deal of Spanish influence in this part of North America, the area eventually came under the ownership of the French. They then sold it to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

Louisiana Purchase State Park has a granite marker indicating the spot from where the land acquired during this deal was surveyed.

Civilian Conservation Corps Pavilion At Crowleys Ridge State Park

There are other Arkansas State Parks which are unique. For example Herman Davis State Park holds the grave and a memorial to Herman Davis.

He was an infantry private during World War One and he was described as "one of the outstanding American heroes of the war" by General Black Jack Pershing who led the U.S. troops in Europe.

Many of the state parks in Arkansas are sited on lakes. These include Lake Catherine State Park, Lake Chicot State Park, Lake Dardanelle State Park and Lake Poinsett State Park.

The fishing is often superb and many of these waters have produced state record catches. Many bass fishing tournaments are held and are always very popular.

Lake Ouachita State Park stands on the shores of the largest lake totally within Arkansas.

Its waters are so clean and pure that rare sponges and jellyfish are to be found.

Because of the clarity of the water it is an extremely popular destination for scuba divers and spearfishers.

A number of the Arkansas State Parks preserve Civil War sites. Jenkins Ferry State Park, Marks` Mill State Park, Poison Spring State Park and Prairie Grove Battlefield are all examples.

Lake Ouachita

One of the Arkansas State Parks that receives more than its share of visitors is Petit Jean State Park. This is because of the legend associated with the grave that lies at the top of Petit Jean Mountain.

It supposedly contains the remains of a young Frenchwoman who died during an expedition to the area in 1687.

Entrance Sign At Petit Jean State Park

Here is a list of the Arkansas State Parks -
  • Bull Shoals-White River State Park
  • Cane Creek State Park
  • Conway Cemetery Historic State Park
  • Cossatot River State Park
  • Crater Of Diamonds State Park
  • Crowley`s Ridge State Park
  • Daisy State Park
  • DeGray Lake Resort State Park
  • Delta Heritage Trail State Park
  • Devil`s Den State Park
  • Hampson Museum State Park
  • Herman Davis State Park
  • Hobbs State Park
  • Jacksonport State Park
  • Jenkin`s Ferry State Park
  • Lake Catherine State Park
  • Lake Charles State Park
  • Lake Chicot State Park
  • Lake Dardanelle State Park
  • Lake Fort Smith State Park
  • Lake Frierson State Park
  • Lake Ouachita State Park
  • Lake Poinsett State Park
  • Logoly State Park
  • Louisiana Purchase State Park
  • Lower White River Museum State Park
  • Mammoth Springs State Park
  • Mark`s Mill State Park
  • Millwood State Park
  • Mississippi River State Park
  • Moro Bay State Park
  • Mount Magazine State Park
  • Mount Nebo State Park
  • Davidsonville Historic State Park
  • Historic Washington State Park
  • Ozark Folk Center State Park
  • Parkin Archeological State Park
  • Petit Jean State Park
  • Pinnacle Mountain State Park
  • Poison Spring State Park
  • Powhatan Courthouse State Park
  • Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park
  • Queen Wilhelmina State Park
  • Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park
  • Village Creek State Park
  • White Oak Lake State Park
  • Withrow Springs State Park
  • Woolly Hollow Satte Park

This map shows the location of the state parks in Arkansas

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