Ohio State Parks

What Is Now One Of The Ohio State Parks Hosted The Wedding Of Humphrey Bogart To Lauren Bacall

There are currently seventy four State Parks in Ohio all of which are managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Although described as a midwestern state when you look at a map you will see that Ohio is positioned more to the eastern side of the country.

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It is directly south of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes.

A number of the Ohio Parks are located on either the shores of Erie or on islands in its waters.

They include Kelleys Island State Park, Middle Bass Island State Park, East Harbor State Park and Geneva State Park.

The Light At Marblehead Lighthouse State Park On Lake Erie

The name for the state is thought to derive from the Iroquis Native American word"ohi-yo" meaning Great River. This is probably a reference to the Ohio River which defines the southern border of the state.

Ohio also has two interesting nicknames. The first is "the Buckeye State" referring to the tree of that name and Ohioans are often called Buckeyes.

The second nickname is "Mother of Presidents" - a name it shares with Virginia. Seven U.S. Presidents were born in Ohio and an eighth was elected to office whilst living there. Van Buren State Park named after the 8th President is one of the Ohio State Parks.

Most of the geography of Ohio consists of low-lying plains except for the south eastern section where you will find the Allegheny Plateau. This is an area of rugged hills and dense forests similar to the type of land found in the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

This Is The Type Of Beautiful Country Found On The Allegheny Plateau

Although Ohio has the third highest population density in the country, the Allegheny Plateau is sparsely populated. However, because it is such as scenic area there are quite a few Ohio State Parks located there. They include Barkcamp State Park, Beaver Creek State Park, Forked Run State Park and Wolf Run State Park.

Once part of the area known as the Northwest Territory, President Jefferson signed an Act in February 1803 that recognised the geographical boundaries and Constitution of Ohio.

However, an error was made and nothing was signed which formally admitted Ohio to the Union. This mistake was rectified in August 1953 when President Eisenhower officially declared that March 1st 1803 was the date that Ohio had become the 17th state in America.

Part Of The Beautiful Old House At Malabar Farm

There are some extremely beautiful and very interesting Ohio State Parks. For example Malabar Farm State Park was the home of Pulitzer prize-winning author Louis Bromfield. It was here on 21st May 1945 that the great movie star Humphrey Bogart married Lauren Bacall.

Other fascinating state parks in Ohio include Hueston Woods State Park which was once the site for a prison camp. Grand Lake St.Marys State Park is on the shores of what was once the largest man-made lake in the world when it was constructed early in the 19th century.

Alum Creek State Park During The Fall

Alum Creek State Park was an important stage on the Underground Railroad for escaping slaves from the south as they passed through on their route to freedom in the north and Canada.

Finally one of the Ohio State Parks receives an incredible two million visitors a year! This is Headlands Beach State Park which has the longest natural beach on beautiful Lake Erie.

Here is a list of Ohio State Parks

  • A.W.Marion State Park
  • Adams Lake State Park
  • Alum Creek State Park
  • Barkcamp State Park
  • Beaver Creek State Park
  • Blue Rock State Park
  • Buck Creek State Park
  • Buckeye Lake State Park
  • Burr Oak State Park
  • Caesar Creek State Park
  • Catawba Island State Park
  • Cleveland Lakefront State Park
  • Cowan Lake State Park
  • Crane Creek State Park
  • Deer Creek State Park
  • Delaware State Park
  • Dillon State Park
  • East Fork State Park
  • East Harbor State Park
  • Findley State Park
  • Forked Run State Park
  • Geneva State Park
  • Grand Lake St.Marys State Park
  • Great Seal State Park
  • Guilford Lake State Park
  • Harrison Lake State Park
  • Headlands Beach State Park
  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • Hueston Woods State Park
  • Independence Dam State Park
  • Indian Lake State Park
  • Jackson Lake State Park
  • Jefferson Lake State Park
  • John Bryan State Park
  • Kelleys Island State Park
  • Kiser Lake State Park
  • Lake Alma State Park

  • Lake Hope State Park
  • Lake Logan State Park
  • Lake Loramie State Park
  • Lake Milton State Park
  • Lake White State Park
  • Little Miami State Park
  • Madison Lake State Park
  • Malabar Farm State Park
  • Marblehead Lighthouse State Park
  • Mary Jane Thurston State Park
  • Maumee Bay State Park
  • Middle Bass Island State Park
  • Mohican State Park
  • Mosquito Lake State Park
  • Mount Gilead State Park
  • Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park
  • North Bass Island State Park
  • Paint Creek State Park
  • Pike Lake State Park
  • Portage Lakes State Park
  • Punderson State Park
  • Pymatuning State Park
  • Quaill Hollow State Park
  • Rocky Fork State Park
  • Salt Fork State Park
  • Scioto Trail State Park
  • Shawnee State Park
  • South Bass Island State Park
  • Stonelick State Park
  • Strouds Run State Park
  • Sycamore State Park
  • Tar Hollow State Park
  • Tinker`s Creek State Park
  • Van Buren State Park
  • West Branch State Park
  • Wingfoot Lake State Park
  • Wolf Run State Park

And here is the position of all the state parks in Ohio -