Nebraska State Parks

Many Of The Nebraska State Parks Are Located On The Rivers Of This Land Locked State

Nebraska is a midwestern state located on the Great Plains region of the United States. There are currently eight state parks in Nebraska as well as ten state historical parks and sixty six recreation areas. They all come under the control of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

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The eastern part of the state was scoured by glaciers during the Ice Age and the area is geographically known as the Dissected Till Plains.

It consists of gently rolling hills and this is where the two major cities of the state are found. The state capital is Lincoln but Omaha is the largest city.

Platte River State Park, Indian Cave State Park and Niobrara State Park are three of the Nebraska State Parks located in this eastern part of the state.

The National Monument Of Scotts Bluff In Western Nebraska

The major part of western Nebraska is the Great Plains and a portion of it is known as the High Plains. In this western part is Panorama Point which at 5,424 feet above sea level is the highest point in the state. However, it is nothing more than a low rise as the surrounding land stands at a high elevation.

Three notable rivers flow across Nebraska from west to east and a fourth, the Missouri River, forms the state border with Iowa to the east.

The Niobrara River runs across the northern part of the state, the Platte River across the central portion and the Republican River is in the south.

The Niobrara River In Nebraska

It is from the Platte River that the state gets its name. The Otoe Native American tribe called the area "Ni Brasge" meaning flat water.

As you would expect a number of the Nebraska Parks are located close to these rivers. They include Niobrara State Park, Platte River State Park and Smith Falls State Park while Indian Cave State Park and Ponca State Park are found on the banks of the Missouri River.

Here is a list of the Nebraska State Parks

  • (1) Chadron State Park
  • (2) Eugene T. Mahoney State Park
  • (3) Fort Robinson State Park
  • (4) Indian Cave State Park

  • (5) Niobrora State Park
  • (6) Platte River State Park
  • (7) Ponca State Park
  • (8) Smith Falls State Park

  • This is the position of the Nebraska Parks indicated on a state map