Washington State Parks

The Washington State Parks Include A Number Located On Islands In Puget Sound Where Whales Can Often Be Seen

There are 127 amazing state parks in Washington which is located on the Pacific Coast, in the north western part of the United States. To its south lies Oregon while to the north is Canada.

One of the Washington State Parks is Peace Arch State Park which actually straddles the American and Canadian border.

Named after the first President, George Washington, the state is the only one named in honor of a president.

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Peace Arch State Park On The American, Canadian Border

It shouldn`t be confused with the country`s capital, Washington, District of Columbia.

In fact when the state applied for statehood they asked that it be called Columbia. However, the authorities decided that this name could be confused with the District of Columbia.

They therefore decided on the name Washington which didn`t resolve the chances of confusion at all.

The Washington State Parks system began in 1913 when a Board of Park Commissioners was created. The first two parks were formed in 1915 on land which had been donated to the state. Since that beginning the number of parks continued to increase and by the 1960`s there were over 130.

The system of state parks in Washington has proved to be a great success with many of the parks being extremely popular. Deception Pass State Park, for example, receives over two million visitors a year.

Deception Pass State Park

The geography of Washington is shaped by two major features. The first is Puget Sound, a vast tidal inlet of the Pacific Ocean studded with many islands.

One group of islands, the San Juan`s is particularly interesting and there are a number of the Washington State Parks located here. They include Blind Island State Park, Patos Island State Park, Stuart Island State Park, Sucia Island State Park and Lime Kiln Point State Park on the western shore of San Juan Island. This is a superb spot for watching whales which often come close in to the shore .

If you would like to learn more about this truly wonderful region then Simply-San-Juan is a superb resource with stacks of information.

Shallow Bay At Sucia Island State Park In The San Juan Islands

Of course, there are islands in Puget Sound other than those of the San Juan group. Some of the state parks in Washington are to be found on them and on the shores of the Sound.

The second major feature of the state of Washington is the Cascade Mountain Range. This runs in a north to south direction and effectively cuts the state into two halves. Lake Wenatchee State Park and Wallace Falls State Park are a couple of examples of the Washington State Parks located in these beautiful mountains.

The Cascade Mountains actually cause a phenomenon called a "rainshadow." This is where an area of the state to the east of the mountains receives very little rainfall and is semi-arid with portions being almost desert-like.

The Cascades also contain several volcanoes. Mount St. Helens is remembered for its eruption in 1980 which killed 57 people. However, although not erupting, the others are still considered to be active. They include Mount Baker, Mount Adams and Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier Surrounded By Typical Washington Scenery

In fact Mount Rainier is considered to be the most dangerous volcano in mainland America because of its proximity to the large metropolitan area of Seattle.

In addition to the Cascade Range, Washington has a number of other mountains. The most notable are in the Olympic Mountains on a peninsula the western part of the state, the Blue Mountains in the south east and the Kettle River Range in the north east.

Much of the border between Washington and Oregon to the south follows the course of the Columbia River. One of the notable Washington State Parks found here is Beacon Rock State Park.

Beacon Rock State Park In The Columbia River Gorge

The Beacon Rock stands 848 feet high beside the water as it flows through the Columbia River Gorge. Lewis and Clark made note of it when they journeyed past in 1805.

Whichever one of the Washington State Parks you are lucky enough to visit, the scenery and wildlife is incredible!

Here is a list of Washington State Parks
  • Alta Lake State Park
  • Anderson Lake State Park
  • Battle Ground Lake State Park
  • Bay View State Park
  • Beacon Rock State Park
  • Belfair State Park
  • Birch Bay State Park
  • Blake Island State Park
  • Blind Island State Park
  • Bogachiel State Park
  • Bridgeport State Park
  • Bridle Trails State Park
  • Brooks Memorial State Park
  • Cama Beach State Park
  • Camano Island State Park
  • Cape Disappointment State Park
  • Centennial Trail State Park
  • Columbia Hills State Park
  • Columbia Plateau Trail State Park
  • Conconully State Park
  • Crawford State Park
  • Curlew Lake State Park
  • Damon Point State Park
  • Daroga State Park
  • Dash Point State Park
  • Deception Pass State Park
  • Dosewallips State Park
  • Doug`s Beach State Park
  • Fay Bainbridge State Park
  • Federation Forest State Park
  • Fields Spring State Park
  • Flaming Geyser State Park
  • Fort Casey State Park
  • Fort Columbia State Park
  • Fort Ebey State Park
  • Fort Flagler State Park
  • Fort Okanogan State Park
  • Fort Simcoe State Park
  • Fort Townsend State Park
  • Fort Ward State Park
  • Fort Worden State Park
  • Ginko Petrified Forest State Park
  • Goldenvale Observatory State Park
  • Grayland Beach State Park
  • Griffiths-Priday State Park
  • Harstine Island State Park
  • Hope Island State Park
  • Ike Kinswa State Park
  • Illahee State Park
  • Iron Horse State Park
  • Jarrell Cove State Park
  • Joemma Beach State Park
  • Joseph Whidbey State Park
  • Kanaskat-Palmer State Park
  • Kitsap Memorial State Park
  • Kopachuck State Park
  • Lake Chelan State Park
  • Lake Easton State Park
  • Lake Isabella State Park
  • Lake Sammamish State Park
  • Lake Sylvia State Park
  • Lake Wenatchee State Park
  • Larrabee State Park
  • Leadbetter Point State Park
  • Lewis And Clark State Park
  • Lime Kiln Point State Park
  • Lincoln Rock State Park
  • Loomis Lake State Park
  • Manchester State Park
  • Maryhill State Park
  • Mount Pilchuck State Park
  • Mount Spokane State Park
  • Mystery Bay State Park
  • Nolte State Park
  • Ocean City State Park
  • Olallie State Park
  • Olmstead Place State Park
  • Osoyoos Lake State Park
  • Pacific Beach State Park
  • Pacific Pines State Park
  • Palouse Falls State Park
  • Paradise Point State Park
  • Patos Island State Park
  • Peace Arch State Park
  • Pearrgin Lake State Park
  • Penrose Point State Park
  • Peshastin Pinnacles State Park
  • Potholes State Park
  • Potlatch State Park
  • Rainbow Falls State Park
  • Rasar State Park
  • Riverside State Park
  • Rockport State Park
  • Rothschild House State Park
  • Sacajawea State Park
  • Saint Edward State Park
  • Saltwater State Park
  • Scenic Beach State Park
  • Schafer State Park
  • Seaquest State Park
  • Sequim Bay State Park
  • Shine Tidelands State Park
  • Skull Island State Park
  • South Whidbey State Park
  • Spencer Spit State Park
  • Squak Mountain State Park
  • Squilchuck State Park
  • Steamboat Rock State Park
  • Steptoe Battlefield State Park
  • Steptoe Butte State Park
  • Stretch Point State Park
  • Stuart Island State Park
  • Sucia Island State Park
  • Sun Lake State Park
  • Tolmie State Park
  • Triton Cove State Park
  • Twanoh State Park
  • Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park
  • Twin Harbors State Park
  • Wallace Falls State Park
  • Wenatchee Confluence State Park
  • West Hylebos State Park
  • Westport Light State Park
  • Yakima Sportsman State Park

This is a map of the state of Washington