Chimney Rock State Park

Chimney Rock State Park Has Featured In A Number Of Movies

Located in Rutherford County, North Carolina, Chimney Rock is about 25 miles south east of the town of Asheville.

The park covers 4,531 acres of the most beautiful countryside full of wonderful features such as Hickory Nut Falls which is among the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States.

The Chimney Rock

The park also has an incredible scenic lookout known as "The Opera Box" and a rock called "The Devils Head" that balances on a narrow cliff ledge.

However, the feature that is most widely known and from which the park gets its name is the 315 foot high granite monolith called Chimney Rock.

The history of Chimney Rock State Park goes back to about 1870 when a man called Jerome B. Freeman paid $25 for the rock and 400 acres of land surrounding it. He built a trail to the rock and a stairway up to its summit and in 1885 he opened it to the public.

However, the modern history of Chimney Rock is forever linked to Lucius B. Morse and his family. Lucius was a Missouri born doctor who had moved to North Carolina after being diagnosed with tuberculosis.

He fell in love with his new surroundings and with the backing of his brothers bought the Chimney Rock and 64 acres for $5,000. Other plots of land were purchased in subsequent years until over 1,000 acres were owned by the Morse family.

The Balancing Rock At Chimney Rock S.P. Known As "The Devils Head"

Under their ownership many additions and improvements were made to this private park. For example in 1949 they opened an elevator that took visitors up to the top of the rock. They had blasted a shaft through the solid rock of the cliff behind the monolith.

Miles of trails were added as were shops, a snackbar and a visitor center. In 2002 the family celebrated 100 years of owning Chimney Rock.

However, not everything was perfect. After much deliberation in 2006 the park was put up for sale.

On the 21st May 2007 the state purchased the land for $24 million and made it into one of the newest North Carolina State Parks

It was joined with another tract of land south of the nearby Lake Lure. This tract was known as "World`s Edge" and although there had been some talk about calling the park "The Hickory Nut Gorge State Park" it was eventually named Chimney Rock State Park.

Hickory Nut Falls In Chimney Rock State Park

This wonderfully scenic area has featured in a number of movies, most notably the 1992 blockbuster "The Last Of The Mohicans."

The last seventeen minutes, including the dramatic fight on the cliffs above Hickory Nut Falls, were shot in the park.

Other movies include "A Breed Apart" and "Firestarter."

At present the park is undergoing a massive development program and many of the attractions will be closed until Spring 2012.

If you are interested in finding accommodation in the area then click here, as there is none at the park, it is purely a day use area, however, it really is worth a visit!

"Viva America" selected this one of the state parks in North Carolina as a top pick - one of only five such places recommended in the state.

Summary Of Activities
Rock climbing

Summary Of Attractions
Chimney Rock
The Devils Head Balancing Rock
Opera Box Scenic Lookout
Hickory Nut Falls
Gift shop
Scenic hiking trails

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Chimney Rock S.P.
P.O. Box 220
Chimney Rock
NC 28720

Telephone - (828)625-1823

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GPS - 35.432799 82.250260

The National Flag Proudly Flies Over The Chimney Rock

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