Ferry Beach State Park

This Beach Is The Envy Of Many Of The Other State Parks In Maine

Ferry Beach State Park is more than just the miles of pristine sandy beach that the visitors see first. Behind the beach is a system of sand dunes which are protected by the fragile dune grasses which grow over them. The roots of the grass reach deep into the dunes and help to hold it in place. Behind the dunes is a swamp which is home to a rare type of Black Gum tree called the Black Tupelo, its bark is grey in color and has deep cracks.

Further inland is a forest of pine, oak and hemlock which is shielded from the Atlantic Ocean by the protective dunes and swamps. Visitors are able to hike through the forests which are a popular nesting area for many species of birds.

There are five connected nature trails which wind through the park, they are color coded on the main sign at the parking area and also along the trails. Open all the year round, the signs are however removed from the trails from October until the end of March which is the park`s closed season.

Miles Of Empty Beach At Ferry Beach S.P.

Ferry Beach State Park received its name many years ago from an old ferry that would take people across the Saco River to the beach, this was before roads to the area were as good as they are now.

The park is 100 acres of land on Saco Bay and is located just east of the towns of Saco and Biddeford. Despite the great trails and the interesting ecosystem of dunes, swamp and forest the number one attraction has always been the miles of beautiful sandy beach and the ocean. Th beach is a fine place for swimming, especially for children, as the water is shallow and warmer than other local beaches.

Here is the address and contact details of the park -

Ferry Beach S.P.
95 Bayview Road
Maine 04072

Phone - (207) 283-0067

Here is a county map of Maine with the position of Ferry Beach S.P. indicated with a star.

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