Sebago Lake State Park

This Is One Of The Five Original State Parks In Maine

Sebago Lake State Park is 1,400 acres of mainly forested land located near the town of Casco in the south western part of Maine. The park is found on the shores of Sebago Lake which is the second largest lake in the state but is also the deepest, reaching to 316 feet at its deepest point. It covers 45 square miles and has a shoreline which is 105 miles long. The lake is also the reservoir for the Greater Portland region and serves almost 15 percent of the state`s population.

There is a small island on the lake which has a town called Frye Island.

The island is about 1,000 acres in size and has about 20 miles of dirt roads, the value of real estate on the island is enormous and virtually all the property is holiday homes for the wealthy.

It is reached by a ferry which does not operate from November through April because of the thick ice on the lake, consequently the island is uninhabited during the winter.

Sebago Lake Shore During The Fall

The park is in a beautiful position, not only does it enjoy the lake and the surrounding forests but it also has fantastic views of the nearby White Mountains.

Sebago Lake State Park was officially designated in 1938 but it was being used for recreational purposes long before then. Although the park itself is open all the year round the campground only opens from May 1st through to October 15th. It should be noted that the park is extremely popular and the campground can get booked out even though there are 250 sites available. Reservations for camping begin as early as February 1st.

The Famous Sebago Lake Duck House

The camping is split into two different areas, they are Naples Beach and Witch Cove.

The sites have hookups for both water and electricity, there are modern showers, a group picnic shelter and a playground for children. On the lake there are two boat launches and for any budding sailors there is a sailing school.

The fishing at Sebago Lake S.P. is exceptional. The types of fish you can catch are land-locked salmon, various species of trout, both largemouth and smallmouth bass and northern pike.

The pike have been introduced illegally and should be killed if caught as there are fears that they may upset the ecosystem in the lake.

There are plenty of trails through the woods and visitors can horseback ride, hike and cycle. In the winter snowshoeing and snowmobiling are both popular. Sebago Lake State Park really is an all year round destination.

Here is the address and contact details for the park -

Sebago Lake S.P.
11 Park Access Road
Maine 04055

Phone - (207) 693-6613

Contact this website to make a reservation

Here is a county map of Maine with the position of Sebago Lake S.P. indicated with a star.

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