Author: Luca Rossi

Luca Rossi

Luca Rossi holds a degree in Design from the University of Florence. With over 20 years of experience in flooring and tiling, he has worked on numerous residential and commercial projects, showcasing his expertise in blending functionality with aesthetics. He joined our team, bringing a rich portfolio of work in Europe and Asia. He spearheaded his international design projects with a leading Italian tiling company. He enjoys photography and exploring the intersection between architecture and nature in his free time.

People have come a long way against the backdrop of modernization and the ever-evolving aspects of providing their houses with the best possible look. In ancient times, it was the tendency to keep everything in the most minimalist way possible; take the bathroom example as a case. Earlier, it was just used to be concrete flooring; later, it was replaced by tiles; however, that idea also become obsolete now. The main theme of modern bathrooms can give you a clinical feel owing to the hard surfaces and is a great option to introduce visual warmth and softness, and there couldn’t…

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