Author: Nathan Fisher

Nathan Fisher

Nathan Fisher holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado. He began his career as a guide in Rocky Mountain National Park, leading fishing and hiking expeditions. He earned his Master’s in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University and has worked as a full-time freelancer in various conservation projects across Colorado. Outside his professional life, Nathan is a keen mountain biker and volunteers at local environmental awareness programs. Apart from that, Nathan is an amateur birdwatcher and enjoys crafting custom fishing rods.

Fishing is one of those activities that many look forward to during weekends and holidays. It’s a fun way to spend time together with families and friends. And if you don’t want your damaged or lost fishing rods to take the fun out of your favorite activity, you need to own a fishing rod holder ASAP. Whether you are fishing or carrying and storing your fishing rod, a fishing rod holder is of great use. But owing to the expensive nature of fishing rod holders, many don’t invest in them, leaving their rods to be unorganized and prone to getting…

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