Author: Evelyn O'Reilly

Evelyn O'Reilly

Evelyn O'Reilly, 40, is a renowned expert in interior design, with a special focus on seasonal and holiday decor. She earned her Master's in Design from the Royal College of Art, London, and has been applying her talent in the design industry since 2003. She is known for her unique blend of traditional Irish design elements with modern aesthetics. Outside her professional life, she enjoys gardening and is an avid reader of historical fiction.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and like to make beautiful and creative things with basic materials, then you can think of using pine cones for your upcoming project. Pine cones can be used in various ways to create unique crafts for houses. They can be crafted in numerous forms and used to make any kind of DIY project, from traditional to modern. These pine cones are available in various patterns and sizes, which gives DIY lovers huge versatility to create stunning art pieces. Many people have used pine cones to create artistic craft pieces that can be made easily…

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