Author: Marco DiAngelo

Marco DiAngelo

Marco DiAngelo is a professional gardening expert with over two decades of experience. He earned his degree in Horticulture from the University of Edinburgh and has since been a driving force in transforming urban spaces into green havens. He became part of our team in 2020, offering insights into innovative gardening techniques and eco-friendly practices. Beyond his professional pursuits, he enjoys nature photography and hiking, often finding inspiration for his work in the natural world.

Hanging plants on the ceiling brings liveliness and cheers up the mood of the house. The ceiling is the best place to involve houseplants in your space. The hanging plants can be heavy, so it is best to screw a hook into the ceiling joist or screw into the drywall. This will ensure proper support for the weight of the pot and the plant. It is even better if you have ceiling beams. Then, a J-hook can be screwed in the beam or an S- hook can be used over the screw. But hanging plants on the ceiling requires drilling,…

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