Author: Jordan McKenzie

Jordan McKenzie

Jordan McKenzie has been a guiding voice in pet care and animal welfare for over 12 years. With a degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Guelph, he began his career working in animal shelters, gaining hands-on experience in animal health and rehabilitation. Joining our team recently, he has been a valuable resource for pet owners seeking advice on natural and sustainable pet care practices. Jordan is an amateur photographer in his free time, capturing wildlife and natural landscapes.

Whether you’re a new guinea pig owner or thinking about getting them as pets, it is important to offer them a clean and safe living environment. A Guinea pig cage can offer hospitable and secure living space to your furry friend. But they can be very expensive if you buy them from the market, and you would not get the cage as per your exact requirements. So why not save your precious money and build your own diy cage for guinea pigs? You can customize the guinea pig cages to fit any space and use them both inside and outside.…

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